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0.4 Seconds load time? Yes, possible on Joomla.

Implementing AMP with Joomla

Implementing AMP with Joomla

Mid of 2017 we were working with an interesting client, who was helping their customers better use their space with innovative wall and windows technology. Being a futuristic business, the client wanted us to really get them the best we can offer.


Having asked for the best, we found Joomla to be the right platform for this client. Understanding most of their users look for content on the go and some look for instant content, it was obvious to give a top-notch performance for mobile users. The obvious answer was to use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile content delivery.


With AMP, contents load at lightning speed. Users get their content almost instantaneously. Just the right piece of technology for all those who need their content quick, on the go. Post successful implementation, the page started loading under a second. 0.4 seconds to be exact, giving the customers a great on the go experience.


You can contact us to get the case study and some interesting facts that will help you decide if you are thinking of using AMP for your Joomla website.

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