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12 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Joomla CMS Website

Optimizing your Joomla Website is Well Worth the Effort. Acquire New Skills or Hire Skilled Consultants to Optimize.

  • Plan your website thoroughly.A well-planned website enables all other aspects of good performance, if good design practices are observed. If the site is not planned out well, none of the other bells and whistles will matter much. Factors to take into account are structure, navigation, project management tools, web copy, and anticipated traffic patterns.
  • Compress your website.Use G-Zip on the Admin bar to compress all pages, so that pages being sent to a browser are packed and consume less bandwidth.
  • Remove unneeded extensions.Because Joomla is so compatible with many extensions, the temptation is to include tons of them, but many of these can slow down processing seriously, and contribute to overall poor performance. Choose your extensions based on real need, and skip the attractive, ‘nice to have’ extensions.
  • Reduce image sizes.Large image sizes are one of the most common culprits in taking up excessive amounts of storage on a website, and this in turn inhibits performance of the website. Either use smaller images on your site, or store them in compressed format, for instance using Photoshop’s compression utility.
  • Increase security.Security starts with keeping the most current version of Joomla, because it will have all the newest, most effective security features to prevent breaches. Also ensure that Joomla extensions are up-to-date and are the most current available versions. Practice good security habits like changing the Administrator password periodically.
  • Make sure you have a good Joomla host. Hooking up with a high-powered host that offers too many features might actually slow down your site instead of maximize performance. Choose a host instead that will work to understand your site and how it can achieve maximum performance.
  • Optimized coding as per joomla standard
  • Select the correct extensions which suits your need and accpeted in community
  • Use CDN for images
  • Compress and combine css and js files
  • Use cache
  • Add expire header

Who to contact for Joomla consulting

When you really don’t have the time or background to acquire and use new skills to improve your CMS Joomla website, contact Joomla Geeks to get the job done. They are a firm that has the Joomla experts you need to get the utmost performance and results from your Joomla website.

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