Why Choose Us?


We use tools that allow us to communicate transparently with clients. There are no questions as to who is doing your work and what is the status of your project.

Diverse Skills

Our team brings a diverse skill set to the table. We have experts in all areas of web development from Front end and CSS designers to Infrastructure and admin specialists.


As part of Ameex Technologies, we are stable as a company. Having a larger backbone allows us to have the staying power of a large corporation, but also to form a smaller, more personal team.


Because we work in a transparent manner, each team member is accountable for his or her work. This encourages every team member to be open, honest, and responsible.


Combined, we have decades of experience with Joomla as well as a host of related technologies. We have specialists in every area of web development from front to back.


Because of our diverse team, we can combine forces to perform work efficiently and affordably. Having 40+ geeks also allows to deliver projects on much tighter deadlines.