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Advantages of Using Joomla Content Management System

Joomla CMS

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the Internet today, and one of the reasons it has gained popularity among those who want to set up E-commerce websites is that it is such a reasonable option for building a website, being an open-sourced system that can easily be customized or extended. What is it that has made Joomla so popular as a website builder, and why are so many developers working on plug-ins and add-ons for Joomla?

Advantages of Joomla

For one thing, the open-source extensibility of Joomla allows you to add on such useful software packages as VirtueMart, MijoShop, Hikashop, RedSHOP, JoomShopping, and others to increase the functionality of your website and make it more full-featured. In addition to its other capabilities, Joomla supports some financial transactions like e-check payments, using Authorize.NET, which is a standalone payment plugin. Practically anything that your site needs which is not contained in the base Joomla software can be added on to it, because of the wide-ranging compatibility Joomla has with other software.

How Joomla can be made even better?

No CMS software package can include everything a user might want to build their website, and for many of those areas, there are plug-ins or add-ons that can provide needed functionality. Functionality that is not included in Joomla can often be bolted on by expert developers like those at Joomla Geeks, who are well-versed in Joomla development and can extend the usefulness of the platform with custom development or selected add-ons.

For instance, Joomla integrates well with some, but not all, features of QuickBooks, to provide more financial capability for your site. It also has somewhat limited support for Access Control List (ACL), which is a method of managing permissions for users. Since ACL is a necessary component of any enterprise-level CMS solution, some additional integration work might be necessary to take full advantage of ACL.

Joomla is not strong on SEO Capabilities, so if you want your website SEO-savvy, this would be an area that would benefit from the expertise of SEO consultants like those at Ameex. For those who wish to make their website a powerful eCommerce platform, this can also be customized in by expert consultants, since the base version of Joomla can really only support small to medium sized eCommerce websites.

When your Joomla website is established

There is a strong and loyal Joomla community out on the Internet, and when you need any kind of assistance or answers to questions, this community will often come to your rescue, and provide the needed information. When you have your site up and running, you’ll love the user-friendly interface and the clean, crisp presentation of your Joomla screens. Should you decide to take advantage of Joomla’s extensibility and add on functionality, you’ll find that development and maintenance costs are relatively low, and that Joomla’s source code is very easy to work with.

Help with Joomla

Although it can be very easy to use, if you lack experience with the software, Joomla experts at JoomlaGeeks can help you build your site with Joomla and to take advantage of mobile Joomla opportunities. To get your site up and running quickly, you need only contact the expert professionals at JoomlaGeeks.

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