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All You Need to Know About New Joomla 3.5 Features

The Joomla team recently launched the all new rejuvenated version of Joomla 3.5 for public users on March 21st. With around 34 compelling new features in its hood, Joomla is all set to leverage the best experience to its users in its new avatar.

Some of the key features of Joomla 3.5 are:

Article Counts

Joomla-3-5 -features1

In Joomla 3.5, you will witness four new columns categorized as published, unpublished, archived and trash items in the category pages of articles, banners, contacts and newsfeed.

This drastically reduces your time in searching the list for unpublished or published items and streamlines the workflow process.

Email Notification

In previous version, whenever an update was available, a mandatory log-in was essential to view the latest add-ons. Now the Super Users automatically receive emails from the Joomla core team for any bug fixing, upgrades and email notifications.

With security threats and hacks looming large every day, the users can be well informed on how to secure their website by regular updates and periodic monitoring.

Inserting Modules into Articles

Joomla 3.5 New Features -Inserting Modules into Articles

The new default article editor has the inbuilt button “Modules”. This allows you to make your desired selection from the list of modules directly into the article.

You can also make use of loading module tag:

  1. {loadmodule mod_search,Search}
php Support

The released version has seen drastic functional improvements in the new php7 support, a giant leap from the previous php 5 support. A secured and faster efficiency of the web can be experienced with the new version of PHP7.With this change, previously PHP5 was able to support 200 requests per second in web-server, in PHP7around 400 requests can be handled.

With this change, your Joomla site could function 50% faster while consuming only half of the memory space.

System Information

Joomla 3.5 Features - System Information

Every time the website faces issues, the support team requests system information to figure out the origin of the problem. Now, if you can navigate to System-> System Information you can easily view and download the site and the environment details.

Drag and Drop images from Tiny IMAC Editor

You can easily opt to Drag and Drop images from Tiny IMAC Editor which allows you to update content on the go rather than uploading images to hosting.

The feature allows you to drag and drop images wherever a text cursor is placed. The images are directly uploaded in root images folder.

Anonymised Data Plugin
Joomla 3.5 Features - Anonymised Data Plugin

The new version of Joomla has paid high attention to the online data privacy concerns. As soon as you install Joomla 3.5 you will get instantaneous message asking your permission to collect data on an anonymous basis.

Options are also available to opt entirely out of the system and  never utilize any data. There are added layers of security to ensure that even the allowed extracted data is not let out for public view or statistics.

Backwards Compatibility Break

Whenever there is a release, the modules built on the previous version will take a hit while migrating to the new version. At times, you might also face instances where the modules which worked perfect in the earlier version would not be supported by the new release.

The core Joomla development team has come up with a solution of an inbuilt backward compatibility break option in which the older modules will continue to be supported in the new version till the entire support for the previous version stops completely.

Improvising Cache Handlers

The  new  version allows new engines to store cache data. Much before the release of Joomla 3.5,APC’S can be handled only with the legacy functions or with PECL extensions. Now with the release of native cache handler in Joomla 3.5,  they can be utilized for PHP APC extension.

Cryptography Improvements

The previous version of Joomla had cryptography API’s contributed by Joomla members. However, they were not full fledged and faced constant nagging issues by the users. The Joomla 3.5 has come up with a renewed cryptographic API for a smooth functioning of the feature.

More Overridable Markup

Previously override markup was utilized by users as per their unique needs. Some loop holes prevented the efficiency of the function and now that Joomla 3.5 has a JForm library, overridden is possible without any obstacle.

Advantage of Emoji Support

Joomla 3.5 now supports Emoji’s too. 🙂 The database needs to be changed to UTF-8 Multibyte to make use of this feature which can be done easily with the help of Akeeba Admin tool. Not only this would make Joomla a pioneer in multi-lingual, but they are also rated high in security protection. None could forget the Dec 17 2015 security session attack which could have been avoided to a great extent if this feature would have existed.

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