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The client is a leading product based company located in the United States. It does business in more than 15 countries around the world. Recently they planned to optimize the digital experience of visitors to their website. They implemented Google analytics in-house but some of the configurations were not setup properly. They were also running various campaigns to increase the signup goal conversion.

Some of them were paid campaigns, email campaigns and social media campaigns. All these campaigns were used by them to get more traffic to the site. However, the conversion rate defined as the registration on the site was very low.



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Though the client ran various campaigns on marketing channels, discovering which tactics worked and which didn’t seemed difficult. Identifying the right marketing mix was also difficult for them without proper Google Analytics reports. Consequently, identifying the right audience and understanding the factors that determined goal conversion proved difficult.

Our Approach

I2 Decision’s web analytics experts followed a strategic approach to meet the client’s objectives. Initially, we developed an assessment framework for measuring Google analytics implementation maturity. The framework had five main components including Business Objectives, Google Analytics utilization, Customer Acquisition, Customer engagement, campaign management and Reporting. This framework was used to score each component from 1 to 5. For example, the component Google Analytics utilization was scored 1 if GA was not utilized, scored 2 if default configuration were setup, scored 3 if custom configuration were setup , scored 4 if all featured were leveraged and scored 5 if GA was used as a strategic tool.


We audited the Google analytics implementation of the site and found several areas of improvement. We determined the characteristics of the right audience group and then developed strategies to target them. We analyzed the effectiveness of various channels which in turn helped them to make strategic investment plans for various channels. It helped them to have right marketing mix for promotions and awareness.


We also analyzed the behavior of users with respect to various segments including mobile vs. desktop, branded vs. non-branded user behaviors and so on which helped us to get actionable insights. We identified the right channels for assisting and converting users which helped the client to make strategic investment decisions on various channels. Using content experiment, we helped the client to take data driven decisions to choose the optimized version of the signup page. We further analyzed various fields in the form using hotjar which provided further actionable insights. We found that most of the people were not entering their age in the form. After we found this actionable insight, we changed the age field to the age group which reduced the form abandonment up to 20%. A simplified version of the registration form was sent as a link through email for the users who dropped off from the registration process. This approach helped the client improve the conversion rate by 15%.


To improve the accuracy of reports made various configuration changes such as excluding traffic from bots & client environment. We helped the client to know the brand vs. non-brand search performances. We also created various dashboards and reports to meet their business objectives.


We improved the Google Analytics audit score from 2 to 4.5 out of 5. We helped the client to increase the overall signup conversion by 45%.

Complete Assessment

We thoroughly audited and scored the site based on our assessment framework. It helped the client to understand their current state and identify areas of improvement.

Increased Website Registrations

Content experiment, form abandonment analysis, channel effectiveness analysis helped to increase the website registration by 45%.

Improving accuracy of GA reports

We improved the Google Analytics reports accuracy by filtering bots and internal traffic, self-referrals, etc. It helped them to make strategic plans based on data driven insights.

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