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Automating School Website Functionality

Does your school’s website need custom solutions?

When teachers need tools to do their job quickly and easily, the best school websites enable streamlined processes for educators to share lesson plans and facilitate other collaboration. CMS systems have to work harder than ever to deliver the best educational management resources and tools.

System integration is an important consideration for schools in the process of building a website. After all, it doesn’t help to have a powerful system with many features if it doesn’t work with other data and information. A good school website template can do a lot and many out of the box solutions offer fantastic abilities to improve management of administrative activities such as scheduling, attendance, student billing, library, cafeteria, childcare, and health management. However, many institutions still fail to seamlessly connect faculty, staff, and the community via their school website and educational platform.

The reason for this challenge is because out of the box solutions don’t always customize to an institution’s specific workflows, and processes. As a result this can make automating tasks difficult. As well, building responsive design and multi-platform compatibility into existing legacy systems and fully delivering a solution that accommodates a wide variety of users and devices can still be a daunting task.

Let’s face it– in this day and age no one wants to store student information in paper files and folders. Those days are gone, however there are still issues with configuring custom solutions that perfectly map to your internal process. This can be especially frustrating! Today all schools with education websites need to find and partner with a good web development company who can help them tweak the current software and technology they have, improve what is working, and fix what isn’t.

Joomla Geeks has something custom that out of the box solutions cannot provide, and our experts are available whenever you need them to help make the complexities of handling your website design no problem at all. We provide site audits, custom web development, and consultations with our experts to help you get the best school website per your school resources. We provide Joomla extension support for school website portals and as well we deliver the best in class web functionality ideas and solutions that work for you.

Contact us today to find out more at 312-340-7111.

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