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Carpenter Technology Corporation is a leading producer and distributor of premium specialty alloys, including titanium alloys, powder metals, stainless steels, alloy steels, and tool steels as well as drilling tools.

Carpenter’s high-performance materials and advanced process solutions are an integral part of critical applications used within the aerospace, transportation, medical and energy markets, among other sectors.



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Carpenter Technology Corporation wanted to completely re vamp and re-designs their current website to increase leads, customer acquisition and sales, promote new products, improve user experience, and integrate with CRM.


The Target audience were current and potential customers, Investors, current and potential employees, metallurgists and engineers.


The current website usage and statistics can be summarised by stating that there were around 500,000 sessions with majority of the people logging in from United Kingdoms via desktop mobile and tablet. Furthermore CTC required consultation for Hosting services, Third party sites (payment gateways, social media etc.) and their SAP and CRM integration. The CMS should be search Engine friendly and website traffic should be properly reported for tracking the efficacy of the new CMS. The content editing should be easy in the newly implemented CMS as the website will have to interact with stakeholders spread out over 13 countries across Americas, Europe and Asia. The client also required ongoing maintenance and support.


The Solution

In order to achieve these aims our team came up with the solution of changing their CMS and implementing a new one. Since we wanted to utilise their already existing ASP.NET platform we zeroed down on Episerver as that fulfilled all the clients’ requirement and addressed all the issues pertaining to their pain areas.

Episerver: – It is tailored to meet all the customers’ requirement for doing business online. Their basic advantages are noted below,

* Improves information management
* Promote a professional online presence
* Streamline business processes.
* Built for Integration
* Scalable, reliable and based on standard products
* Open Development standards
* Latest .NET Technology.

The Result
Episerver CMS not only touched but covered every base. Within a few months of development CTC website became more user friendly, easy to manage and more SEO Friendly. Search engines began re-indexing the site almost immediately. Management of the site’s content, its news, even its navigation menus are now handled through Administration with the help of just a few clicks.

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