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Get Ready for the BIG, BAD penguin

Google has just announced that it’s coming out with yet another Penguin algorithm update…and its going to be BIG! They promise that this one will once again change the way you’ve been achieving Search Engine Optimization. In fact, Google’s SEO guru, Matt Cutts, has recently said “search Engine Optimizers are not going to like this update”.

So what does Google want from the websites it serves up in a search engine user’s query results? Simply put…it wants sites to be as relevant as possible to the search engine user’s query. How does it determine which sites are worthy of being ranked highest? Google looks for sites that:

  1. Are market leaders
  2. Have market relevance in a geographic area
  3. Have a strong, loyal subscriber base
  4. Have a achieved a robust social media presence
  5. Have a natural number and quality of links
If your site has the above qualities then you are positioned to benefit from the upcoming changes. However, if your site is 5 pages, has 100 visitors a month and thanks to an automated link building strategy you have 40,000 links, well, then you should be very worried.The good news is that if you want to keep your website at the top of search engine results, the strategy has always been and will continue to be simple…BE AUTHORITATIVE!The foundation of being authoritative is to be relevant. Relevancy comes by creating content that is designed to provide visitors to your site with the information they are seeking. Once you have content that people want to read, this content must be distributed to places where people who want to read them will find them. The best places to distribute this content are on other authoritative industry related blogs and websites and on your social media pages.We cannot stress enough the need for quality social media content and a strong social media presence. Your social media activity, such as Facebook posts, articles and statuses and Twitter tweets need to be “liked”, commented on and shared or re-tweeted. Likes, comments, shares and re-tweets are like votes of confidence in your content by the denizens of the World Wide Web. Google believes that if your content is good enough to share then it must be relevant.

If your business is not generating interesting, action compelling content that others willing to “talk” about online then your ranking will soon begin to suffer. Your best defense is a good offense. Start today by creating a content building and distribution strategy. Stop paying for automated backlinks. Be interesting, authoritative and relevant and your site will be ready to handle this and other Google algorithm updates.

Remember, now more than ever, quality content is King…and it’s always good to be the King.

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