Live Happy

Live Happy is a Texas-based online magazine with the mission of instilling positive energy through inspiring content, relatable stories and advice on hot topic issues. With a subscriber base downloading the digital publication over 100,000 times each month, Live Happy is one of the foremost online resources for positive psychology related news and opinions.



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A grassroots digital publication with a growing number of monthly subscribers, Live Happy found itself faced with the need for an improved e-commerce solution. Though operating in a relatively niche space, the company recognized the importance of staying relevant and remaining ahead of its competitors. Redundant domains required consolidation, the website needed an online community portal and an Enterprise shopping cart needed to be integrated into the fold.

Essentially, Live Happy wanted their website brought to industry standards, which is why they decided to work with Ameex.


Ameex quickly gained an understanding of Live Happy’s needs and set out to integrate a number of new features into the company’s website. We began by migrating the existing website to Magento, a pioneering E-commerce platform. A SSO setup was established to integrate a community portal in Drupal and Enterprise shopping cart in Magento. Integration with FedEx, loyalty points management, a “save credit card” feature, email notifications and more were designed to create a better user experience.

In the end, Ameex helped Live Happy increase their revenue and build a site that could sustain a growing user base for years to come.

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