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Find the help you need from Joomla installation and template design to Joomla extension integration from the Chicago-based Joomla Geeks

Joomla Development Services

Not all Joomla Geeks are created equal. That’s why we take a team approach to developing your web business.

Some of our Joomla Geeks excel at designing custom web interfaces or taking a Joomla template and tweaking it into the perfect web storefront for your business. Others love to dive deep into the functional code base and optimize performance to ensure your lead generation machine hums along without you 24/7. Still others were born to twist together the connections between components, extensions and the social network to help your business grow and expand beyond your website.

What do you need help with today?

  • Joomla installation and performance engineering;

    You’ll never encounter the poor performance, high load times and frequent application failures that are hallmarks of an incomplete installation when you get a Joomla Geek working under the hood of your site.

  • Joomla templates and custom design services:

    Whether you find the almost-right Joomla template or want a completely custom Photoshop design coded for your site, our design geeks understand how the look and feel of your site influences what your visitors do and moves them through the introductions to your business to becoming customers

  • Joomla components:

    Our strong expertise in PHP and MySQL implementation means that adding a VirtueMart shopping cart with custom shipping options will work smoothly with all the other plugins and extensions you need to run your business

  • Joomla integration:

    No site operates in a vacuum, so it’s good to know your Joomla Geek has plenty of social skills as well. We can take on the most complex projects and integrate your payment gateway, CRM, shipping and social networks to work into a cohesive team that extends the capabilities of your business.

  • Joomla Maintenance and Support:

    Even automated processes require a sharp eye to keep humming along. The Internet is constantly changing. New versions of components, patches to protect against outside security threats and equipment failures are just a few of the reasons you should consider keeping a maintenance Geek on call.