Joomla Extensions


Ever since the release of Joomla! 3.0 in September 2012, this excellent content management system (CMS) has been garnering serious attention from users thinking to upgrade their current version of Joomla!, and others considering migration. That makes now a great time to review the most popular extensions for Joomla!

JG Auto Login Plugin

There will be cases where site admin wants to auto login a visitor of the site so that they can show some demo of certain privilege using ACL. using this plugin we can auto login visitors of our site under a particular user.

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JG Offline Protector Plugin

Offline protector is a joomla plugin that is used to by-pass offline feature to certain users based on IP when the site is offline. This will be very usefull in testing the sites in development and staging.

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Joomla Quick Login Plugin

Joomla quick login is a simple user plugin that logs in user automatically after user registration. This plugin follows joomla standard and works only if the 'New User Account Activation' is set to 'none' in joomla user configuration.

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