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The Best Extensions for your Joomla Website

Best Joomla Extensions

Ever since the release of Joomla! 3.0 in September 2012, this excellent content management system (CMS) has been garnering serious attention from users thinking to upgrade their current version of Joomla!, and others considering migration. That makes now a great time to review the most popular extensions for Joomla!

Akeeba Backup – is great for backing up and restoring your Joomla! website. This software comes in a free version and a professional version that includes extra features like automatic updates, email notifications, 128-bit cryptography, and system restore points.

Joomla Content Editor (JCE) – is fantastic at configuring the look and feel of your website, and it is one of the most robust editing tools on the market. It’s easy to install, easy to activate, and very easy to use.

The AdminExile Plugin – has long been a favored and highly rated extension in the JED. You can hide the Joomla Administrator URL If you wanted to know whether a website uses Joomla, you could simply type /administrator and you’d see the back-end login screen.

Asynchronous Google Analytics 

Google Analytics plug-in for Joomla! allows you to add in all necessary code for analyzing traffic without having to alter any code on your website. This is a great plug-in for anyone who prefers not to deal directly with coding.

SH404 = SEF component

SH404SEF is probably the best-known SEO extension for Joomla!. This is the ideal plug-in to use for site optimization, and it also includes social sharing options, security features to block hackers, and a Google analytics dashboard.

Admin Tools = Secure the admin section

Admin Tools is a very capable Joomla! plug-in featuring capabilities such as permissions repairing, migrating old domain links on the fly, performing database maintenance, password protecting the administrator directory, and setting secure Super Administrator ID.

Help with Joomla Extensions

If you are a Joomla! user thinking about extending your website’s functionality with these or any other extensions, the entire installation and testing process can be managed by the Joomla! professionals at JoomlaGeeks. Call Our Experts at (312) 340 7111 and take that first step toward maximizing your Joomla website!

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