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Top 10 Essential Tips to Improve Joomla Site Performance

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Speed is a critical factor when it comes to website operation, helping to boost conversion rates, cut down on cost of bandwidth, and increase search engine ranking. Of course, you want to improve the experience of the user as well, for a seamless experience that keeps them on your site longer. So how can you make improvements to your Joomla site performance? Optimize your Joomla site with these top 10 tips:

  1. Keep it clean. With so many extensions with various functionalities, it can be easy to overlook the right ones. Some extensions, in fact, can weigh down your site and cause it to operate much more slowly than you’d like. Watch how many extensions you use and keep it light for a fast Joomla website.
  2. Make the most of your images. While they are crucial to your site, too many images, photos and pictures can severely slow down your site. Keep them to a minimum for faster loading times.
  3. Use RWD. Responsive web design for mobile use is an important part of keeping your Joomla site performance in check. Make sure your site is designed for mobile use so that it can automatically adjust to any size device, from tablet to smart phone.
  4. Select a good web host. Choosing a solidweb hosting service best suited to your type of website is important, one that can keep up with your e-commerce demands, traffic, data transfer and the like.
  5. Employ a Joomla caching system. This will cut down on the loading times to help you speed up Joomla performance.
  6. Enable compression to reduce web page size and improve on loading times.
  7. Utilize CDN (content delivery network) to deliver and load web content more rapidly. This essentially works by tightening up the distance between site visitors and the content servers.
  8. Get rid of unnecessary code through CSS and JavaScript optimization, which works to reduce file sizes.
  9. Look carefully at your template and extension. In addition to design, consider usability, search engine-friendliness, etc.
  10. Improve Joomla site performance and speed by optimizing rules within “.htaccess file” which will go a long way toward optimizing Joomla.

If you’ve been asking yourself how you can optimize your website, these 10 tips will help you achieve just that. Contact JoomlaGeeks today for more step-by-step guidance on improving your website performance. We can help!

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