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Top 5 Ways to Speed up Your Joomla Website

Speed up Your Joomla Website

Got a slow website? Use these tips NOW to speed it up!

There’s nothing worse than potential customers leaving your site because they lose patience with the speed, or lack thereof. That’s why it’s imperative to take the necessary steps to speed up your Joomla site. Here are some helpful Joomla performance tips:

  1. All the extensions you’re using that perform various functions can easily bog down your site and make it go slower. Keep a lid on the extensions you use and you’ll see a positive effect on your Joomla performance optimization. In the same vein, use minimal photos and images, as too many of those can also slow everything down. You may also want to cut down on unnecessary code through CSS and JavaScript optimization in an effort to cut down on sizes of your files.
  2. For faster loading times, make sure you have incorporated responsive web design for mobile use. This will allow your site to automatically adjust in viewing capacity no matter what device your viewers are using, such as a laptop, phone or tablet.
  3. Make sure you’re using a solid web host, one that is ideal for your kind of website. For example, if you do a lot of e-commerce operations, you’ll need a web host that can keep up with all that traffic and data transfer. Use a sub-par web host and you are doing yourself a disservice by slowing down your website unnecessarily.
  4. Optimize your caching and compression. First off, use a Joomla caching system to reduce loading times and thereby optimize your Joomla website. Along with this is the need to enable compression, which limits web page size in a big way.
  5. Consider using a content delivery network (CDN) to enable faster web loading times and delivery times. This will help you shorten the distance between your visitors and the content servers that work so hard to keep everyone connected.

For the utmost in Joomla Performance Optimization, heed these top five tips to increase speed and functionality. Your customers will thank you!

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