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Why and How To Increase The Loading Speed Of Your Joomla Websites


Speed is one desired factor in today’s racy world. Vrooooom! And you want to be on the finish line of the race. It matters a lot to your onsite stores too. 🙂 Never let hold off the speed reins of your site!

No matter how luring your site might be, if it’s not upto the mark, you lose the glamour. And now, let’s look on why, the speed is of prime feature. There is no joy, other than finding your site displayed on first page when you hit the relevant keyword. Google ranks your site higher when you have a higher loading speed. Websites designed in Joomla enjoy high loading speed by adopting a few methods.

1) Joomla Cache

Making use of the cache, will avoid the long ride of your site to fetch from your database every time a request is raised. It acts as a spot where the information can be picked up directly form here

Have a talk with one of our Joomla developers! They will tell on what is is done

2) Extension
Say a big NO to all those unwanted extensions! Have what is really important for your stores! Each second, your site delays chances are higher for the user to skip your site.

Take a look at what was the  most popular Joomla Extensions for this year.

3) Hosting
How your site is hosted also determines how fast your site is loaded. Always get trusted and top rated hosting providers. They will help you survive your sites to maximum. So, don’t worry if you spend some extra bucks for them.

4) Compression
Enabling Compression systems in turn speedup up the load page of the website. Users will be able to view the compressed that will be compatible across a variety of devices. Hence, the site can display all the information of one-go. It does not allow any information to go un-noticed.

Making use of the above techniques will be beneficial for that lightning speed your site loads!

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Are you ready for the jet-speed ride??

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